Greetings from the dark side of the moon

Ok. I’m not really on the dark side of the moon but it feels like I might have at least fallen off the face of the earth for a few weeks. It sometimes feels like some mysterious force is determined to keep me from blogging . I wonder about what this could be and then I realize its the dreaded… *gasp!* procrastination monster! Also related to the perfectionist monster that likes to make sure *all* the housework is done before you even look at your studio. She’s a sly one because even when you do make it into your studio she likes to stress you out about ruining your canvas and wasting paint. But I have a secret weapon! MyVery sweet husband bought me a…. wait for it…..ROOMBA for my birthday! YAAAAY! Now I realize some women wouldn’t be happy about getting a vacuum cleaner for their birthday but to me it was one of the most thoughtful gifts he could have given me. He knows I hate having dirty floors and with the dog and his sand trap fur and Atreyu’s penchant for mucking about in the chicken coop and then tracking wood-shavings into the house, keeping the floors presentable was a big time sucking EXCUSE for not being productive in the studio. And he wants me to be productive because he knows it’s important to me and he’s awesome like that. So there’s one less excuse. And it’s been so helpful! I’m getting more done. Yay!

Now I know, I got the roomba on the 17th and I just started getting productive but I swear sometimes something is working against me. Between doctor’s appointment’s for myself, my son, my Mom and big productions like shaving the dog or changing bedrooms or painting walls, It often feels like there is no time to make art, let alone blog. But I think I’ve got things under control for now and I’m finally back in the studio.

Joe cool poodle

Hipster poodle disapproves of your excuses

I’ve just been working on a bunch of backgrounds for the past few days as I like to have supports ready so I can work whenever I am ready without spending too much time in the prep stages. I did finally finish my full moon one I started waaaay back in November. Raven on a Birch tree,

Shameful really. I kind of stalled after my friend that I was meeting with decided she doesn’t have time to paint right at this point and I understand what she’s saying but I really need that support and accountability that meeting with her every other weekend gave me. I’ve put an ad on Kijiji but haven’t gotten any responses : \ Sometimes my studio feels like solitary confinement. I need to meet other artists in my area. I’m thinking about putting a sign up on a bulletin board. I’m desperate!

And I’m *full* of ideas- they even keep me awake at night some nights, although sometimes my ideas are beyond my skill level which is frustrating and can be bad for self esteem. But I know if I don’t try new things and I just stay in my comfort zone, I’ll never learn and grow as an artist. I really want to take some adult ed. classes at NSCAD but I just don’t have that option right now. Most are evenings or afternoons and I have no one to watch Atreyu. So maybe next year when Mom is living with us. Do you ever feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew artistically? How do you deal with a painting you just aren’t satisfied with? Do you give up?Burn it? Paint over it?


3 thoughts on “Greetings from the dark side of the moon

  1. First let me say congrats on your Roomba! I have a friend that loves hers. Let me know how it does with the dog fur and sand, walking on gritty, furry floors is one of my pet peeves as well. Oh and Happy Belated Birthday! Now let me say, I just don’t have that perfectionist monster lurking around me unless you count my husband… haha… I’m not one that needs to make sure everything is perfect before I head to the studio. In fact, I go down there and forget about everything else in the world when I’m painting. It doesn’t bother me in the least to walk right past the laundry room with clothes baskets full, a table so cluttered you can’t eat at it and dishes in the sink. It just doesn’t bother me, to my husbands horror. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to have a clean and tidy home, and there are certain things that are a must – clean bathrooms, stove top, and a few others but I would much rather get in my studio than do housework any day.

    Life does get in the way and I find I can’t always get in the studio when I want due to appointments and daily obligations, just like you. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Get in there when you can and make the most of it. I do hope you find another artist to paint with especially since that really is a catalyst to create for you. You may have to open yourself up to Skyping with other artists, have you thought of that?

    Your newly finished full moon painting is beautiful! That is so great you have all those backgrounds going, see you’ll find a groove for yourself and maybe that’s it. I fully understand ideas coming at night and sometimes I even dream about painting and just like you I have the same frustration with my skill level not being up to par with my ideas. But that just proves we are artists, striving to do and be better and not satisfied with our current level. Just keep on doing what you are, don’t stop painting. How will the world ever see your art if you don’t create it. I feel we are given the gift of being an artist and it is our job to bring our gift to the world. One way especially is blogging. Just blog when you can! There is no Blog Nazi waiting to scold you for not blogging and you don’t ever need to apologize for living a real life! I’m just happy to read when you’re able to share. Perhaps you can share more often by going with shorter posts? Do whatever you can to make it easier for yourself. You have a beautiful gift Tina… make sure you share it with the world.


  2. I like the pre-background idea. Like a chef having all her ingredients prepped before the dinner rush. Inspiration comes when it’s hungry. Also, thanks for the follow on love your artwork I’ll be coming back to feed my own inspiration. 🙂 #zerocharisma


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