I’m baaaaaaaaaack!

Ok. So my husband was home for three days and is gone again. I love having him come home but three days isn’t enough. Although I must say it makes the time we do get together extra special. And at the same time I certainly accomplish a lot more when he isn’t around. So it’s all good I guess. Trey is gone with his Dad for March break so it’s just me and the poodle beast.

Poodle, rescue, standard poodle

Jaxxon the rescue poodle

I’ve been running errands, getting lots of exercise and eating the super healthy things I like and no one else does, helloooo red beans and rice! And most importantly, I made it back into the studio! Huzzah!

I’m just on a quick lunch break, although it’s closer to supper, oh well – time flies when you’re having fun! So I thought I would post some progress pictures 😀

just chalking in the outlines…

raven, painting

chalk outline

starting to block it in…

raven painting, moon, night

stage 2 of ravens

Adding more paint….

stages of painting, raven, night, moon

stage 3, adding more paint

starting to add some definition and body to the second raven…

acrylic, painting, ravens, moon, night

mostly blocked in

other guy….

raven, painting, moon

close up of other raven

Now I’m going to do a quick bit of exercise and then back to work! I’ll post more later 🙂






2 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaaaaack!

  1. Isn’t Jaxxon handsome! He is crackin’ me up the way he sits up on the couch like “how you doin’?” ha ha

    Your newest painting is awesome! You know I love the crows, but that moon is just glowing! Great job. I love seeing your different stages. Keep ’em coming!

    I kinda like a little “me” time occasionally… enjoy yours.


    • Thanks Jaime, I thought you’d be proud of me for posting again so soon 🙂

      Jaxxon is a big ol’ goof! He’s none too subtle when it comes to getting what he wants, which is usually a neck rub. He’s been sleeping on my massage table in my studio, the heater is right underneath it so it gets nice and warm. Every now and then he will get down and try to climb into my lap if I’m sitting at my easel. He doesn’t realize standard poodles are not lap dogs. Seems like a lot of big dogs don’t understand that.


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