The Easter Bunny is extinct!

There are no chocolate bunnies left in the Annapolis Valley! Oh no! What will we do?

So at the last minute I realized I don’t have any easter chocolate for Trey. Whoops. I made a desperate trip out to town to see what I could find. It wasn’t much. Everyone is cleaned out. And there were still lots of people out looking besides myself. (good to know I’m not the only bad Mom) There was actually a woman at the superstore customer service desk in quite a lather because she knew someone who bought two whole cases of chocolate bunnies there three days ago and it wasn’t fair because now there is none left for everyone else!!!… And I swear, although I’m crazy at times, it wasn’t me doing the complaining. It’s only candy, and although it *is* chocolate, even I know no one is going to die without it. The crap those customer service ladies have to put up with must be enough to make them slightly batty.


Oh well, I did get a chocolate chicken and some tootsie rolls and jelly beans for his treasure hunt. His main thing is a Dungeons and Dragons introductory redbox kit and a needle felting kit. Yes, I am trying to home grow a geek. And I’m proud of myself for making the rhyming clues that go in each egg weeks ago so it shouldn’t be too bad tomorrow night. Since Trey is with his Dad I have an extra days grace, we won’t do the egg hunt until Easter Monday. So hopefully I’ll get more painting done tomorrow. Here is where I think I will leave off…

Crow, branch, apple blossom, spring

I’m cross eyed so it’s time for bed. Hope you have a peaceful Easter Sunday tomorrow 🙂



4 thoughts on “The Easter Bunny is extinct!

  1. Like you, I was away from the internet for a week (My husband had to post my last blog for me; you’d have thought I asked him to cook Easter dinner) and I enjoyed spending time with you this morning. I’m happy to hear you’re raising a geek. Though I didn’t know the word at the time, as a teacher I absolutely loved working with young boys like yours seems to be. Actually, I loved working with all children, but my heart sang a little more when a boy with varied interests not limited to sports walked into my classroom the first day of school.


    • I would have loved to have you as a teacher. Trey is very fortunate in having some pretty great people working at his school. A good teacher with an open heart full of compassion can make such an impact in how a child turns out as an adult. I’ll bet you had a hand in cultivating many fine adults.


  2. Awe, it just sounds like you’re raising a well rounded human :). I always try to take away any kind of negative or “different” stigma from something that isn’t what society deems as the norm or acceptable. I hope my kid grows up to be different and I encourage it. Love your painting. Happy late late Easter!


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